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Nov 5, 2017

Ebook: "Three LED´s Lightness Control With Arduino And Android Studio"

1.    Introduction
2.    Hardware
3.    Software
4.    Procedure for Creating the Application with Android Studio
5.    Photographs
6.    Download
7.    Datasheet

"In this book we show how to control the light intensity of three LEDs simultaneously. This time the Android application has been developed with Android Studio and works without any problem. The controls are by means of three space bars and the intensity of lz of each LED diode is controlled by a PWM signal. We use an Arduino UNO board and make sure that the output ports serve PWM signals. I recommend this project because you can fly your imagination and not only can you control LED diodes, but it serves as the basis to control three lamps with LED technology or maybe control a robot arm."
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