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Oct 31, 2017

Ebook: "Micro Seismograph With Arduino And Processing And Accelerometer"


1.    Introduction
2.    Hardware
3.    Software
4.    Photographs
5.    Download
6.    Datasheet

"In this book we have solved the problem of creating a digital seismograph and using the LSM303D accelerometer and with very interesting results. A difficult challenge was to obtain the digital data and send it through the serial port to be graphed by the "Processing" program, the solution was basically programming and that is useful for us since we had to investigate how to make a communication protocol for send data through serial port and that Processing could read and graph without errors. The device is in the stage of tests and improvements that we will add in the future. It should be noted that this type of digital LSM303D sensors are more sensitive than cellular accelerometers and it is for this reason that we decided on this sensor."
The links of this Ebook are:

Calibration of the LSM303D:

Free Projects:

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