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Jan 13, 2017

Ebook: "Mega 2560 And The LSM303D Accelerometer And Magnetometer"


1.    Introduction
2.    Compass
3.    Navigation
4.    Inclination
5.    Download
6.    Datasheet

"In this book we have solved three basic problems related to the LSM303D Digital Magnetometer and Accelerometer: a digital compass, a magnetic navigation device and a system for measuring angles. The calibration of this sensor is in the link that comes in this post. To develop these works, I only found information with an analog sensor which served as my foundation, and everything else was obtained thanks to experimentation and trial and error. In the book comes the library that I use and that worked for me correctly.

This work served as a basis to develop two projects that I documented in two books and which are the following:

- Micro Seismograph With Arduino And Processing And Accelerometer
- Microrobot Genius:  Arduino UNO + Accelerometer"
The links of this Ebook are (available in KENP Read):
Free Projects:

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