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Dec 20, 2016

Ebook: "Digital Bascule With Arduino UNO And FSR Sensor"


1.    Introduction
2.    Hardware
3.    Procedure to get the code
4.    Photographs
5.    Download
6.    Datasheet

"In this book we have solved the problem of creating a digital scale with the Arduino UNO board and an FSR force sensor. To achieve this goal, we have developed a procedure to calculate its formula, since the graph of this force sensor is linear in some segments. This project is apparently simple, but it is not like that, since I invested a lot of time to design its physical and mechanical structure in order to reduce the percentage of error in the measurements. I recommend you to do this project where you will use knowledge of hardware, software and mechanical design."
The links of this Ebook are (available in KENP Read):

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