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domingo, 10 de julio de 2016

Ebook: "Projects With dsPIC30F2010 And dsPIC30F4013"


1.    Introduction2.    Blink The LED With A dsPIC30F4013
3.    Analog Input With A dsPIC30F4013
4.    Using A LCD Display With A dsPIC30F4013
5.    Received bytes Via Serial With dsPIC30F4013
6.    Musical dsPIC30F4013
7.    Audio Digital Signal Processing Using A dsPIC30F4013
8.    FFT Example With dsPIC30F4013
9.    FIR Digital Filter With dsPIC30F2010
10.    PWM PID Control With dsPIC30F2010
11.    PWM PID Temperature Control Wirh dsPIC30F4013
12.    Servo Motor + dsPIC30F2010
13.    Generating Antiphase PWM With dsPIC30F2010
14.    Generating 2 PWM With dsPIC30F4013
15.    Generating 3 PWM With dsPIC30F2010
16.    Generating 4 PWM With dsPIC30F4013
17.    Measuring Phase With A dsPIC30F4013
18.    Datasheet


"In this book, we will find exercises related to the theory, the basic fundamentals and more complex concepts to work with 16-bit microcontrollers: dsPIC30F2010 and dsPIC30F4013. If we want to carry out large projects, this is a good opportunity to know and learn to use these microcontrollers that, among other things, are used for the processing of digital signals. If you have many doubts related to this technology, I recommend that you study this book and do your practices. There is very little literature related to this technology and the manufacturer provides you with assembly language information in most cases.
I believe that it is more important to learn to solve problems than to memorize all the theory that exists in the world. The theory is important, but it does not help us if we do not know how to solve problems. I do not use the PICC compiler in this technology because it throws me many errors and problems. The compilers that we will use in these examples will be XC16 and C30 of MPLABCX."
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