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microSD Wav Player With an Attiny85

The goal of this tutorial is to teach program the ATtiny85 with Arduino UNO as the file to charge is in hex code and most common is to compile upload files with the extension ino.

microSD Wav Player
The Hardware and the source code are the following.

Circuit Diagram


1 Attiny85
1 MicroSD Socket
1 MicroSD Memory
1 Battery 3V
1 Ceramic Capacitor 100 nF
1 Electrolitic Capacitor 100 uF
1 R 4k7
1 Push Button
1 Speaker (8-18 ohms)

Code Download

You must download and install the library ATtiny85. In the following photos you can see the procedure for versions 1.6.x.
You must follow the procedure in the url: http://highlowtech.org/?p=1695
Then I put the pictures to make the process more visual. The most important thing is to give the right url address and download the library. At the end we just verify that they are properly installed.

 Installing the Attiny85 library

 Put the Url and download the library

 Check downloading

Select Attiny85
Then we set up the following electrical diagram.
Then we load the option Arduino as ISP and We load the code "ArduinoISP" which is in examples. Finally Click on "Burn Bootloader"
We are now ready to load the hex code. Select ATtiny85 board and connect the circuit. Finally, through the program SinaProg we program the ATtiny85

Loading the hex code

Circuit Diagram

Arduino as ISP

I advise you to increase the playback speed of audio, in my case I used the Audacity program. In the following video we can see that this project works properly.



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